Who Is Responsible for the Virginia Tech Shooting

It was such a tragical event that 32 innocent people lost their lives for no cause. 32 victims were brutally murdered at their most joyful and creative age, in a campus supposed to be quiet and peaceful.

The shooter has been identified as an 23 year old male student of VirginiaTech. The nationality of the killer, South Korean, was also mentioned in bold titles all over the media, somehow giving people the impression that the incident has something to do with the Koreans or the Asian world. Well I should say, if anyone except the killer was to be held responsible, it would only be the American educational and social system.

First of all, I couldn’t have dreamt of how easy it is to get a gun in the great Commonwealth of Virginia until I heard it from CNN. It was said that the only rule is “up to one hand-gun per month” that a person can buy. This is either plain retardation or thorough craziness. Legal pocession of firearms, although widely questioned and attacked, may still be reasonable for a country that remains its rural/suburban heritages and habits, however allowing such an irrsponsible gun sale policy is indubitably outrageous. While the Virginian cops are busy writing speeding tickets with their funny looking Mexican hats, their government is making weapons easily accessed everyday, and happily counting the tax from the gun sale business. This is one reason we heard the gunshots from VirginiaTech.

And I would also like to cast a glare of hatred toward the American education system. I guess it would be safe if I say that just like it is easy to get criticized in a Chinese school, easy to get laid in a French school, it is easy to get shot in an American campus. For decades whenever there was a campus shooting, people all over the world would first guess which state it is in the U.S. Why?! And in this most recent, and most vital case in history, the gunman came into the U.S. at the age of 8 and grew up under the American schooling system, and yet again shooting, the American style of discharging one’s anger, was seen lamentedly.

These said, I sincerely hope the media and the mass crowd could stop gibbering the nationality and hobbies and personalities of this killer, and the nation could save some of the hypocritical stuff that it will have to forcefully do, and do something real to help the situation regarding campus shooting, the otherwise would-be american tradition.



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