VirginiaTech shooting, Loving v. Virginia

Until 1967 interracial marriages were illegal and guilty of felony in Virginia. People were sent to jail for this. (Google Loving v. Virginia for this)

VirginiaTech shooter, Cho, had always been laughed at in high school and yelled “go back to China” at, depite the fact he was a Korean. (CNN)

Firearm sales in Virginia are so lightly moderated that a person announced “mentally ill” by a court could pass the background check in one minute and get a gun without a problem. (Again, CNN). And if the person wishes, he can get up to one gun every month.

If things remain the way they are in Virginia (or other conservative /neocon states, or actually, the U.S.) , I say, another campus shooting, killing another dozens of people, is foreseeable.


One thought on “VirginiaTech shooting, Loving v. Virginia

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