What is actually happening in Tibet

It has not been a peaceful week for Tibet. According to posts on Internet from people living in Lhasa (found, compiled and translated by GlobalVoices, a non-profit project from Harvard University) , and this western blogger traveling in Lhasa, these Tibetan activists burnt down shops owned by Han ethnic Chinese, attacked Chinese passengers in streets, and crashed and burnt cars parked along side the roads. Video of such violence can be found here (or the following embedded video, if it works)

Sadly, with such tragedy going on, major medias still don’t want to give an all-sided and objective coverage, but instead pick on their favorite angle: the Communist Beijing suppressing free Tibet. For example, on March 15 CNN reports on it’s web page that people were killed in Tibet under the current turbulence initiated by Tibetan independent groups. Without reliable source the article was not able to point out who were killing and being killed in Tibet, but the lines tend to give people the impression that the Chinese government was slaughtering Tibetan civilians.

Nonetheless, a photo was found on Internet, clearly the original picture of the headline news image, but with part cropped by CNN before taking into use. By comparing the two photos it is obvious to see what a message CNN is trying to tell, and what information it is trying to hide, by cropping out the truth. What is actually happening in Tibet? You don’t know, because they don’t tell.


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