Eyewitnesses confirm Tibetan Riots and Violences

According to yet another U.S. blogger who is “a faculty member of Tibet House New York, the National Press Club of Washington, the California Authors Association, on the Advisory Board of Pacifica Public Radio’s ‘The Tibet Connection’ “, eyewitnesses have reported to him that massive riots and violences are being done by Tibetan ethnics living in Lhasa and even Nepal.

Please refer to his post for the whole story. Here are some tag lines. You don’t need to be too wise to see how these mobs are attacking civilians, looting goods, setting fires, and spreading rumors. If this is what Free Tibet groups want, I think they have to realize they are not allowed to violate the very human rights they are claiming of having been taken away, and it is absolutely UNLAWFUL AND EVIL to use violence against Han and Muslim civilians for their own protests.

“The rioting, however, has been ALL over Lhasa (unlike 1989), with Chinese & Muslim (Hui) shops (Ge Ti Hu) being targeted and completely destroyed – probably over 1,000 Chinese owned shops all over Lhasa. It’s really a massive riot, with cars & motorbikes turned over then burned all over town, Chinese shops’ contents splayed out onto the streets, and Han Chinese being literally hunted down, beat up, and sometimes killed with large traditional Tibetan knives.”

“yesterday’s riots were all over the entire city and undertaken by all kinds of Tibetans”

“There are so called “massacres” over by the Great Mosque, with intense fighting between Muslims & Tibetans”

“It was just 15 young police with their riot shields face a group fof 500-1000 Tibetans. The Tibetans were armed with iron bars and rocks and chunks of conrete…I don’t know where they got all this stuff from. They then charged at the plice/army pelting them with objects. Some of their sheilds broke and some fell, obviously injured”

“a Tibetan out on Friday or Saturday told us another Tibtean told him he saw 50 Tibetans and a child get gunned down by soldiers on Ramoche street. [obviously this is not confirm(ed)”

From Internet, a Han civilian beaten injured (possibly dead) on Lhasa street.

From other Internet websites, here are some pictures of Tibetan mob conducting violences in streets.










One thought on “Eyewitnesses confirm Tibetan Riots and Violences

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