Indian ‘Tibet’ bomb killed 3, Tibetan Government-in-Exile viewed on “non violent”

According to the April 3 BBC report, Indian police found a large amount of explosives and detonators on site after an explosion killed 3 people. Timers were also found. The house was rented by Tibetan exiles.

BBC correspondent also said that the town “has been used as a base or transit point for a number of rebel groups”.

In the mean time, Chinese police also found different kinds of weapons in different monasteries in Tibet, including “3504 kilograms of explosives, 19630 pieces of detonators, and 2 grenades”, says Xinhua.

Dawa Tsering, the Tibetan ‘government-in-exile’ representative to the U.S., had an interview with a French radio, Groupe Radio France Internationale, or Groupe RFI, on April 2nd. During the interview, he claimed:

(translated from sound recording)
“Tibetans were non violent from the beginning to the end (during the Lhasa turbulence). From the Tibetan point of view, violence means endangerments to life. In the video we can see them beating Han ethnics, but only beating and that’s it. Hans would run away after being beaten, so it’s only beating, not endangerments to life.”

“They (Hans) all hid upstairs when Tibetans smashed the doors, so that when Tibetans set the places on fire they were burnt to death accidentally.”

“So all these were all some kind of accident, not killing”.

Dawa Tsering’s definition of violence is certainly unique.

Dalai Lama the holiness and the leader of Tibetan government-in-exile, is now appealing to international communities and especially the Chinese government, calling for a peaceful solution to the Tibetan issue. I hope he also spend some time to look into the explosive issue, and also set a formal definition for “non violent”.


6 thoughts on “Indian ‘Tibet’ bomb killed 3, Tibetan Government-in-Exile viewed on “non violent”

  1. Could you give me a link to the interview give by Dawa Tsering, or a transcript? I have not yet found the source of this story.


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